Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Quick update

Just a quickie to say we are home...but Michael is leaving again. So I do have lots on my list to do while he is out of town.

Here are just a few random notes....

  • Our weekend kind of got messed up because of the rain but it still was a good weekend with some positives.

  • Michael bought the new Coldplay CD....I really like it already...and not even all the way through it the first time yet

  • Michael took me to the Dollar Tree while we were out of town. He bought me quite a few fun art things! Thank you Michael!

  • Needing some girl time....talked to Aydeen today on the phone, hopefully going to chat with another friend tomorrow and also going to call Moni this week too! Plus I have done some emails to several friends too.

  • I am going to do some art this doing a happy dance!

  • I have been getting lots of wonderful, beautiful, artful maillove!

  • I am drinking diet coke out with splenda and really like it...or as Aydeen would call it...Splab (since it taste kind of like tab mixed with splenda).

  • I am going to miss Michael while he is out of town

  • We both took lots of pictures this weekend. MIchel has me using his old camera so maybe now I am catching the camera bug as I had a lot of fun taking pictures with him this weekend

  • Very thankful I live in Colorado! It is so beautiful

  • I am reminded many times over....each day that I am very lucky to be in such a great relationship with a wonderful man. Thank you for for finding me and capturing my heart...I love you Michael!
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