Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This and That

Really life has been kind of just everyday....

Sick/Hurt...Better though

Michael has been working hard. I was sick, then I start getting better, and get a sunburn that was pretty bad. Next, I decided to rearrange the Master bedroom closet and hurt myself. I was lifting boxes and suitcase up and down from high shelves...and proceeded to hurt my back. I had several days of not being able to do much of anything. Thank goodness it is feeling so much better.

Do you ever wonder why these things hit all at once? I will go without something for weeks/months....and then all of sudden IT hits. I will have 3 different things going on at once -- it is very frustrating!

ATC's & Art

I entered an artist trading card show...that is actually going to be in Columbus, Ohio. I wish I could see it when they have them all up!

The first 5 on the left menu are the ones I entered....Torn and Blue, Dreamed of Spectacular, Unexpected Discoveries, Orange Postage, Warmer.

I also gifted some atc's today (mailing some out tomorrow) to several people. I have a few bigger pieces started that I have been meaning to finish up. I feel like that creative well is spilling up and over in so many areas right now....which of course is not a bad thing. I just don't have enough hours in the day!

Tomorrow I need to clean my work room as it looks like a tornado hit it. When I get in a really creative surge, I just pull things out and use them or try lots of different things and then all of the bits and pieces are left about. Usually after I am done working on something or taking break from it...I am moving to housework, making dinner or something like that so cleaning the work room takes lower priority.


We are really enjoying netflix.com. I really liked Firefly! I would like to watch it again someday...maybe get it eventually as it was very good. And I can't wait for the movie! Eddie Izzard: Glorious is next! I really really like Eddie Izzard and never seen whole acts/DVD just little pieces here and there...so I can't wait to watch it!


Okay so tonight for dinner we had a meal we don't have often as it is not as healthy as we would like it to be....grilled chicken breasts (marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil mixture with herbs and such), garlic mashed potatoes (added an egg to them - beat - then piped on to a cookie sheet and baked 15 to get a little toasty on the outside), corn on the cob (been craving it a lot lately). It tasted so good to just have indulgence food! We don't eat potatoes that often or corn...so it was a nice treat! Tomorrow night will have to be something more healthy!

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