Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh, the cruelty...

So tonight..

We're watching the finale to the Food Network's "Next Star" reality competition.. It was on our DVR so that we could zip through the commercials.. And then..

Emeril is announcing:

"The Food Network 'Next Star' winner is...."


Hysterical laughter ensues two seconds after the big blue screen pops on - letting us know that our program was finished playing.....

We couldn't believe it..

So here we are laughing our asses off because it's just one of those things that you hear about, or watch a movie where the famous detective is about to reveal the identity of the murder .... and then ...... something ironic happens that totally shatters the tension of the moment..

We celebrated that moment immersed in one of those gut wrenching laughs which lasted for minutes..

But there's a cruel twist to the story.. Darby had already known who won the contest after having logged on the Food Network website to get a recipe she saw..

The devastation..

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