Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Library Remodel

Our library moved in the spring to another location to do a remodel of the existing building.  They re-opened this week and it turned out really nice. (The library I go to is Mesa County Central Library.)

The top 2 photos are pieces of art by artists we know, but all of the art throughout the building is really good.  There is a piece behind the check out counter that I really love, but couldn't get a good photo of it because there were so many people there with the grand reopening. This first photo is of a piece called Green Jelly Beans by Mary Mansfield and the second piece is I think Dream of Trees by Diana Woods.

The third photo is just of the lights - I really liked them, but really hard to capture them on photo. They are much prettier in person.  The last photo is of the patio.  The screens to let light on to the patio are made to look like book shelves.

I wasn't able to get many photos as it was just so crowded.

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