Saturday, May 18, 2013

52 Lists - Week 19

Week 19 - List The Things You Want to be Known For
* being a devoted & loving partner
* being kind & compassionate
* being an artist
* being authentic
* being creative
* being inspiring & encouraging
* being loyal, honest & trustworthy
* being passionate
* being a good listener
* being a good friend
* being a good daughter, sister and Aunt
* seeing joy and beauty in ordinary everyday moments
* being open
* being a good cook like my Mom
* being a shoulder to cry on or just being there to listen
* being helpful
* being a nice person
* being a free spirit

Challenge - This week I will feel solid in my identity by....
creating and sharing

I did that as my challenge as one thing I have been doing is posting art, poetry, photography on various places online and then stepping away and not worrying what others are saying.  Letting go if people like it or not and just enjoying the process of doing, creating and sharing. It helps me feel more solid in myself as an artist and my confident in finding my artistic voice.

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