Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Health Insurance History

One thing I hear people complaining about is Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) for the elections. But so many of the things I see people saying aren't accurate. I wish people would actually read the facts of it. It can be confusing, but it is just sad that so many things that people say it will do - it won't.  Such as having the government tell you what drugs you can and can't have - it won't do that. It is up to your doctor what drugs you can and can't have - as it always has been well...except when insurance companies say no. I have had that happen in the past. See that is what I don't get many things that people are saying are going to happen - insurance companies already do, continue to do, and have been for all of my life.

Something I keep reading is how people are upset that their health insurance is going up or things that were covered aren't I thought I would share my personal history with health insurance because for as long as I can remember it has been that way...and it is the insurance companies doing it not the government. Not President Obama since for the majority of my health insurance coverage was before he was President.

As a child I was of course covered by my parents insurance, I do remember when we moved to Omaha my Mom asked around about doctors and found us a doctor several people recommended.  We really liked this doctor, but one year Dad's health insurance changed and the insurance company would only let us see someone on "their list." I remember both my parents being upset about this, but we did it. We found a doctor we liked that wasn't too far from our home.  I know the price went up - on and off throughout the years too.

When I was married to my ex-husband, he had a good job with good insurance. But again you had to choose a doctor off the list. I wanted to see a woman doctor and they had 2 women on the list - that is all.  I ended up on a waiting list for one of the female doctors.  I remember having the insurance say they wouldn't pay for certain meds or procedures. I remember one year the monthly price doubled for him and it tripled in price to cover me. Another year all our co-pays changed - where regular gp doctor visits were a different co-pay then seeing a specialty and doing our labs.

Michael's insurance when he worked for an state organization was really actually horrible. His co-pays for regular gp doctor visits were him paying 80% out of pocket.  And the insurance only covering 20%.  Even though he paid a lot of money each month into it.  During his time with that organization, the insurance went up several times. His co-pays totally switched around and again he had meds denied by the insurance company even though it was what the doctor wanted.

Since I divorced, I haven't had health insurance really. Well, I had it once for a while, but it was so expensive and it didn't cover my asthma or migraines. Right now Michael and I don't have health insurance for the same reason.  We are denied a lot because of our pre-existing conditions or  they will give us health insurance, but won't cover the pre-existing conditions ever or for a set period of time without incident of the condition. So I have asthma if I go without an asthma attack in 2 years or 3 or whatever set amount of time then they will start covering it. So really I won't get it covered because although I have went a long time without an asthma problem - the older I get the more likely I am to have problems again. Migraines I don't go without - I have them anywhere from 5 to 15 days a month. So not like that will be something they will cover ever. Well now they have to though with Obamacare. So I am thankful I might have some insurance and coverage so that medical costs won't drained our bank account.

Health insurance businesses are in it to get money and they can't get money if they are paying for all of our medical costs so of course throughout history they have raised our premiums, co-pays, denied coverage for procedures,  doctors, meds and so on.  Not sure is okay to blame President Obama for them when they have been doing that as long as I have been alive.

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