Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Voting

If you read my posts on Facebook - things I like or repost -  you can tell who I am clearly voting for this election. 

I don't think any politician ever does or says everything I want them to do. I am not totally happy with President Obama. But I do feel the President is more representative of the man I want in the White House when I lo
ok at his record. Romney scares me - he has held a man down, beat him and cut his hair and his views on women rights would take us backwards instead of forward. I want many people who are close to me to have equality - and be able to get married and I know Romney is against Gays/Lesbians. I want more support of Veterans and Romney again hardly ever mentions then except clumping them into the 47% but never clearly on what he would do for them. Really everything thing I care about Romney is against or flip flops back and forth on. I can't trust anything he says. At least I see where the President has said and done some of the things he said he would. Not all and not all completely in a way I would like but at least I see a clearer message and record. So I am voting for President Obama. 

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