Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ideas for Organizing Art Supplies

I really want to make some new organization/storage solutions for my office. Here are some things would be fun and useful.....

I want to make something like this...could get cake pans from the Dollar Tree. Just not sure on the candle sticks. Maybe check Big Lots for candles sticks.

My can opener is one of those that takes the lip off and leaves a sharp edge. Maybe taping the edge so it covers the sharp edge. After taping, using paper around them to decorate.

I know I have seen these at Dollar Tree too. So having a couple on my table with my favorite ribbons or twines in them.

I always see these at the Thrift Store and Habitat for Humanity. They always look grungy but sanding and painting would make it look a little more spiffy.

This looks like a slack hanger but they don't open up so that ribbon could slide on so not sure if this specially made for ribbon - if so - good idea.

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