Friday, June 29, 2012


Fire started yesterday 10 miles northwest of us here in Grand Junction. The path is tracking mostly north and east away from town. They closed I-70 for a time last night and now it is down to just one lane open. But they are still concerned with the fire crossing the Colorado River. There is an evac order is mostly north and east of us - towards De Beque, CO. 

Last night I was dreaming I was cooking and I kept smelling smoke.  I kept looking in the pan in my dream and thinking it doesn't look like it is burning. Finally I woke realizing I was smelling actual smoke not dream smoke. We weren't on fire - just with the area fire the smell was carrying to us and being sucked into the house by our air. It did cause me to have to break out my inhaler but I have been lucky because I only had to use it once.  I also took some allergy meds and that seemed to help me with my sinus' and my eyes watering and stinging. 

Our beautiful state is in such trouble. Pray for rain without lightening please.

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