Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hit ... hard......

It was bound to happen.

We left the safe confines of our bubble, we interacted with the general population - we got what we deserved.

Okay - actually that's not true, but what is true is that I'm nearing week #1 of having one of the worse colds I've had in recent memory. Poor Darby is a week behind me as we scatter around to try and figure out what the best way is going to be to rid our bodies with this gunk.

So far - the only that seems to make any difference is .... sleep.

Last week we were burning the candle and both ends - getting ramped up to what was supposed to be an extended trip back east. Thankfully that didn't happen because of these colds we got instead. It's your standard intense upper respiratory, body ache, fever on, fever off, fever back on, cough cough cough, physically and emotionally draining cold.

Darby was an angel taking care of me the first few days until she got it - now the tables are reversed as I'm starting to emerge from the cold-bug, while she's about 48 hours behind me. *ughs* I'm trying to take care of her while dealing with my own ebola-like cough that sends people to move in a 15 foot buffer away from me ... which is fine - I really don't want to pass this onto anyone.

On the plus side of things, at least we still got some projects done - completed and delivered. There's a blessing there - I just wish that this thing didn't hit us so hard.

Anyway - if you start getting symptoms, be very vigilant in getting rest, taking whatever voodoo medicine you take to ward off the germies, eat right, drink a lot of liquid and sleep sleep sleep.

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