Saturday, March 03, 2012


My vehicle is about ready to make that magical turn over 100k miles. While most of that has been in the flurry of trips between GJ and Denver, there's some other long drives that come to mind that I wanted to take a moment to recall. (In no particular order)

- Right out of the gate, brand new car to break in ... driving up to Minneapolis to help celebrate the birthday of Darby's grandmother. I remember the surprise and the joy she had with so many people that came to help celebrate with food, family and cake!

- The long trek to Shreveport, Louisiana post-Katrina. Hearing the stories of growing up in the south, witnessing the poverty, the racial divide that's still prevalent today. The tension of that divide and what it was like being in that part of the country in summer. ("hot" is not a describable word here....)

- The anniversary surprise. Seeing where Darby grew up in Omaha, watching her recall childhood memories and her favorite haunts. Trekking up to Minnesota - driving across the green fields and vast landscapes. The love, tears and happiness of celebrating Darby's parent's wedding anniversary. The video :)

- The roadtrips we took to Ouray after Thanksgiving ... to Durango twice ... to Santa Fe ... and the numerous treks up to Meeker, Rangely, Craig, Gateway, the Grand Mesa, McClure pass and the other favorite trips we take.

- The last minute trip to Storm Lake, Iowa to be part of Darby's sister and brother-in-law's wedding. Godfathers Pizza! The wedding, the photography, the feeling of family together. The incredible lush green fields of corn and the painted quilted barns of Sac County, Iowa.

- Montana ... the beauty of the lake ... meeting wonderful friends and enjoying their company ... the wildfires and the fact that Montana is one incredibly BIG state. Wyoming, Yellowstone, the buffalo, the Grand Tetons, Old Faithful ... the road construction from hell ...

- The return to Minnesota. Darby getting to see her niece for the first time. The first steps. Wonderful celebrating an unseasonably warm Christmas. Meeting someone very special to us and the outlook of things to come.

- The long trip to Austin, Texas. Meeting up with friends new and old along the journey - driving long distances, racing against the clock on the verge of bad news. I remember the small conglomerate of shops and health food restaurant in Austin - the incredibly tall trees and peacefulness in the middle of town.

- The numerous trips to Denver in great weather, the darkness of night, in blinding snowstorms, on ice-crested roads, witnessing accidents, car fires, wildfires and tire blow-outs an arm's length away. We've seen hot air balloons, ultra light aircraft, Christmas lights along I-70, roaring rivers, beautiful sunsets (and sunrises). We've ventured to Denver for parties & celebrations, my brother and sister-in-law's 25th anniversary, my Mom and Dad's 50th, Christmases, lunch, dinner and breakfast with family and friends.

All told - 100k miles since 2006 - each mile probably has a story. I love our Mercury Mariner and love the adventures it takes us to and how reliable it has been.

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