Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunset in Sioux City

photo by Michael McGruder

Something you can't get in Colorado is Godfather's Pizza. It is Michael's favorite pizza.  I grew up with Godfather's Pizza in Omaha.  So I really like it too.  It was the place to go after football games in high school so I associate Godfather's with some good memories from my youth. 

When we travel we always look to see if we will be through towns with Godfather's Pizza.  On the way to my sister's right about dinner time we were going through Sioux City which had a Godfather's so we stopped and grabbed a pizza and then went and parked on a country road and watched the sunset.  It was a beautiful sunset to watch with my love while we had pizza.  Maybe kind of silly but these kind of things make the best memories.  I know I will remember our whole day as it was a trip through Nebraska - all the back roads. Seeing lots of little towns and pretty country.  Not just flat boring interstate.  We had great conversations and  just enjoyed our time together. 

Now looking forward to time with my sister and her family and my parents too as they decided to come down and see Michael and I too! 

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