Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Rest or Push

These questions are from a post on Tiny Buddha: WHEN IT FEELS TOO HARD TO KEEP TRYING: REST OR PUSH HARDER?  The whole article is good, but just wanted to make note of these those were what helped me recently on an issue.

The Rest or Push Checklist:
Is this goal in line with my anchors (primary values)?
If I need to neglect other anchors, is that just temporary while I focus on this goal?
Can the other anchors recover from this temporary neglect?If I quit now, will I regret it?
If you answered “Yes” to the above four questions, it may be time to push.

Am I feeling depressed or depleted?Have others expressed concern for my well-being?
Can I continue with this goal in the near future without losing significant gains?
Has this goal served to distract me from other difficult tasks (such as dealing with relational conflict, making improvements to a situation, feeling painful emotions)?
If you answered “Yes” to those four questions, it’s probably time to rest.

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