Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In a Hurry

Life just got terribly rushed for us. We were planning on leaving next week for Denver and then to Minnesota but a job came up and Michael couldn't turn it down as it is with one of his favorite clients.  So I had to drop a ton of things from my to-do list and just make do with what I could. I made gifts which I can't wait to post about after the holidays.

We got to enjoy our tree a week before needing to leave. I was really bummed that we weren't going to have time for our traditional drive to look at lights but Michael did surprise me with a mini-drive and we went to an area that had a house that coordinated the music with the lights. We also drove through our favorite neighborhood where almost every house is decorated. So the quick drive before needing to leave was a nice surprise.

It really hasn't felt like Christmas this year and now with this rush it is making it feel even less like Christmas. I am not sure if is the weather - we have had really nice weather almost like fall to spring like temperatures.  Then with things being rushed - I think there just hasn't been time to enjoy the season.  But I am sure when I get to see my family and my niece and nephew that it will seem more like Christmas with them around.

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