Thursday, October 20, 2011

Channeling Surfing

 * Tomorrow we are going to have lunch at some friends who live in a nearby town. They just moved to the area in August.  It is great to have them near as they are such good people.  So nice to talk and laugh with them. 

* My asthma problems have cleared up. My doctor ended up treating me for bronchitis - using an antibiotic and a steroid. Within 2 doses I was able to lay completely down flat - first time in over 3 months. I used my inhaler once in the 10 days of being on the meds. The day after ending my meds - I have had a few problems. Nothing like before but I did have to use my inhaler and ended up taking sinus meds at night. I am hopeful that whatever is going on is better. I have no doubt from now on for a while I will be easily susceptible to having problems. My doctor wants me to call if it comes back to like it was before the meds. 

* We started using a Roku for the TV.  We are really enjoying it. It is basically streaming content to the TV. All the content except Netflix that I am watching is free. But there are some channels that do cost but so far I am not seeing a need for them. 

That is about all for right now....going to go to bed.

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