Saturday, March 12, 2005

Catching everyone up


I know Darby has already posted three times, so she thought I should get my act in gear and start adding stuff on here. As most everyone knows we've been passing our germs back and forth for at least the last month (and it feels longer than that..) so we've been weathering through that. Work has been stressful as of late, but hopefully things will start clearing up before a rather large case coming up later this spring.

Speaking of spring -- we are enjoying some incredibly fab-ola weather!! We ventured over to Aspen today and had lunch while we walked around a bit downtown. It was wonderful up there! We managed to stay in the 60's for better part of the week and that trend looks to be continuing at least until the middle part of the week.

The biggest news that is coming up soon is the fact that I'm applying for a business license through the State -- doing videography/editing work. The venture initially started last year when I agreed to assist a co-worker on a project that she was working on. The rants and raves of my amateur video was a hit with a lot of people. So much so that I've done a series of videos for my sister and a co-worker that I'm particularly proud of. I have our trip to Minnesota to put into a video composition as well as my folk's road trips to the northwest and beyond to put together. Busy, busy, busy!

The name of the business will be Reflecting Time (which you may recognize as being home to our photo gallery currently.) I hope to finalize the process within the next couple of weeks once I get a couple of fundamental questions answered by some employment counselors that I've been seeing -- then I can begin to implement things in stages at a comfortable, absorptive pace... *fingers crossed*

It's a nerve-wracking process to even think about it -- yet it's a passion, and with what I've learned about my inner-passion, when it feels right, it's almost always right. :) Darby has been incredibly supportive and helpful as it really will end up being an endeavor we can both do together. I'm looking forward to the challenge, all of the hardwork, and learning something that deeply touches the passion within. A well of emotions, on a really nice slow simmer right now.

Anyhow - that's the latest...

While on the road between here and Vernal, Utah -- some of the scenics along the way:

(a look from the top of Douglas Pass)

(what used to be a motel or a small band of shops at one point - near the Colo/UT border)

(having fun with barbed wire)

(cautiously looking after their pal -- image taken about 150 yards from the road)

(the pal)

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